MT Imaging allows us to obtain 1‐D, 2‐D, or 3‐D relative resistivity data to help define the geology, map formation structure, and the formation’s fluid content. Our organization is responsible for the discovery of over 100 million barrels of oil Using our technology we are able to identify fluid‐type in porous reservoirs, zone thickness, and structural orientation of marker beds, and various other key components:

  • Find oil field fractures/vugs in limestone
  • Track Channel Sands
  • Find Oil & Water contacts
  • Define Fault Locations and offset footage
  • Determine Structural Orientation
  • Identify water flood boundaries


Our environmentally‐friendly equipment can be backpacked into nearly inaccessible areas for data acquisition to assist mining industries such as coal.

  • Evaluate coal structure, thickness, and stratigraphic variations in coal seams
  • Identify faults and their offsets, sandstone channel coal‐erosion, coal burn, and potential hazards
  • Areas of expertise are located in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, West Virginia, and Colorado.


We have successfully used our MT Imaging technology in various geotechnical applications:

  • Void Detection
  • Construction Projects
  • Lithology Anomalies
  • Hydrogeological Challenges